im going to new york august 4th-14th!!

my 1d concert is on august 22nd!!

dear followers
i love u guys alot ok if you ever need someone to talk to, i usually answer my messages fairly quickly most of the time. i'm always here for anyone who needs someone. <3
watching tv shows: degrassi, skins, total divas.

music: skid row, 5sos, chvrches, the killers and iggy azalea

books: act like a lady think like a man by steve harvey (ITS AMAZING)


David died for our sins….think about that before you sleep tonight…

Over Again-Layered
One Direction


Over Again-Layered


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Don't Phunk With My Heart
The Black Eyed Peas


Don’t Phunk With My Heart | Black Eyed Peas

“Please waste your time on me.”
— Six Word Story  (via codyduong)