Paper Knees | The Careful Ones

every piece of me that’s broken
i’ve got a million more for you


Liking the sounds of this show so far

one direction:  this album's a bit more grown up, the lyrics are more mature
one direction:  na na na na na

one direction & autumn.

On The Run Tour: Paris



If men aren’t allowed to have an opinion on abortion, then they shouldn’t have to contribute to federal funding of breast cancer research.

"if i cant control a woman’s body, then i want that body to die"

(p.s. anyone can get breast cancer)


Niall’s solos from Up All Night, Take Me Home, and Midnight Memories 

B A D  M O O D

20 ways to see the world
or 20 ways to start a fight

[ l i s t e n ]


*points at ur bulge* is this seat taken

a look inside louis’ iPhone - iOS 8. :-)



you don’t even need to type in the band name

everyone knows

Plot twist. If you change it to “that one photo shoot from 2012” or 2013 and 2014 for that matter, it still gives you one direction photo shoots. No one cares about anyone else’s photo shoots apparently. Just One Direction.