"Stop blaming yourself for other peoples shitty doings to you.
They fucked up. Not you."

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when you’re just 2 cool 4 school

i. walk this way - MØ ii. don’t save me - haim iii. summer nights - florrie iv. flathead - the fratellis v. the love club - lorde vi. the ghost inside - broken bells vii. forever - haim viii. helena beat - foster the people ix. don’t wanna dance - MØ x. carjack my heart - dance movie xi. dangerous - big data xii. children of the bad revolution - lana del rey xiii. no you girls - franz ferdinand xiv. knee socks - arctic monkeys xv. comeback kid - sleigh bells xvi. voodoo - oh land xvii. grammy - purity ring xviii. keep your shoes - scissor sisters



30 days otp challenge : day 17 spooning


Harry finds herself licking her lips, almost misses it when Louis asks, ”So what’s the point of this?”

Harry spreads her legs a tiny bit, playing with her skirt coyly and meeting Louis’ gaze through her lashes. “Was thirsty.”

Louis’ smile is more of a smirk this time. Harry can’t stop watching her lips, shiny-red and pouty and close. “That’s an awful line, H.”

Good thing she has more. “Should shut me up then.”

Or, Harry is the 18-year-old intern, Louis is the 26-year-old CEO, and they fuck in the office a lot.

Riding Comfortable | 9k | NC-17 | cisgirl!h/l | Complete

58/? + I think time forgot and slowed itself to a stop when I found your eyes.


when you mistake an 8 year old for Ariana Grande